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Rep. Pat Meehan & Rep. Black Farenthold

Republican Accused of Sexual Harassment
Pat Meehan photo from Shareblue Media

On April 27th, 2018, Shareblue Media posted an article about Republican Rep. Pat Meehan.  According to Shareblue Meehan who was facing sexual harassment allegations abruptly resigned.  Meehan used $39,000 of taxpayer money to settle the claims.

Republican Accused of Sexual Harassment
Blake Farenthold photo from Huffpost

In the same article Shareblue also mentions the sexual harassment allegations against Texas Republican, Rep. Blake Farenthold.  Farenthold soaked the American public for $84,000 to try to make his sexual harassment of staff members go away.  Farenthold resigned under pressure but quickly got a job as a lobbyist.

Check out the Shareblue Media article for more information on both representatives.

Typical Republicans.