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Bronson Harmon Learns Actions Have Consequences.

Bronson Harmon Loses Scholarship
Abdul Lasaing captures Bronson Harmon’s Bigotry

Bronson Harmon along with his father, Ted Harmon, protested a Keep Families Together rally.  Bronson Harmon was captured on video making a gay slur while carrying a Trump 2020 sign.  A person is the background is heard saying, “Send their asses back”.  It is alleged that the person making that statement is Bronson’s father.  We see where Bronson learned his bigotry and hate from.

Bronson, a high school wrestling champion, had received an athletic scholarship from Cal Poly.  Once the video was circulated Cal Poly withdrew its scholarship.  Bronson is now whining that his first amendment rights have been violated.  It’s obvious that Bronson did not get an academic scholarship.  Maybe if he had he would know that the first amendment applies to the government not being able to shut down the speech of individuals.  Cal Poly has every right to decide who they want to give their money to.  And they have every right to consider their reputation and image when making scholarship decisions.  Bronson can still go to Cal Poly, he just has to pay his own way.  Hope daddy, the one who taught Bronson to hate, has money.  And so we have another story from the Actions Have Consequences vault.