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Everyday Bigotry – Permit Patty

Alison Ettel calls the police
Permit Patty – Alison Ettel

We’ve had many examples of the really horrible things that the right has done but there are plenty of Anglo people who have an everyday intolerance for things done by minorities particularly if that minority is a black person.  In this video we have the person the internet has dubbed as Permit Patty.  Permit Patty a.k.a. Alison Ettel was upset because an 8 year old black girl was selling bottles of water.  The girl was immediately in front of the stairs of her aunt’s house, a part that would still be considered the home-owner’s property.

The video showing the hateful actions by Alison went viral.  The negative attention had her claiming that she hadn’t really called the police.  A claim that was easily proven to be a lie when the media obtained the 911 call.  Yes, she called the emergency line for a little girl selling water to raise money for a trip to Disney Land.  Alison then claimed that she called the police because the mother had been screaming all day and she couldn’t work.  This too is doubtful.  Alison has already shown her willingness to lie to try to mitigate her hateful actions but they are what they are.  Time to own up to what a crappy person you are Alison.