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Michelle Wolf’s ICE Video is Classic

ICE IS video
NetFlix – The Break with Michelle Wolf

This is a hilarious video.  Michelle Wolf did a wonderful job of capturing so many of the issues with ICE.  ICE has drawn the ire of most decent Americans.  The agency is being run almost as if it is a gestapo type unit.  No action, no matter how heinous, seems to be beyond their willingness to be perform.  Tearing a baby away from a mother who was breast feeding the baby, putting children in cages.  Making toddlers and infants who can’t even speak, represent themselves in asylum hearings and so on.  The atrocities just keep piling up.

The right has lost their minds over this video.  They are ranting about the left attacking law enforcement.  Strangely enough those same people don’t have any problems attacking the FBI.  But as we all know there is nothing strange about it.  This is straight out of the conservative play book.  Show excessive outrage over some action.  Accuse the left of hating America, of being anti-law enforcement or anti-whatever the current outrage is.  Ignore the fact that they are doing exactly what they are accusing the left of doing.  How many times have we seen this same process over and over and over again?

Watch the video, have a good laugh, then remember that this is still a situation that needs to be fixed.  All the families have not been re-united.  Children are still in cages.  They are continuing to be doped up to keep them “manageable”.  Some are in facilities that don’t have restrooms or kitchens.  This situation is sick and un-American.