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Liberals are Not as Liberal as They Think

Joy Reid Under Fire
Courtesy of Joy Ann Reid

Liberals like to think that they see people as people and not as stereotypes.  They definitely are better at it than conservatives but liberals still have a long way to go.  For a long time I have been annoyed and disappointed in the way male liberals have failed to support strong females in the Democratic Party.

Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are prime examples.  We know conservatives will attack strong women.  They want women to either be sycophants to their males or to stay in the kitchen and bedroom.  They hate seeing strong liberal women because they are afraid their women can be influenced.  They are trying to avoid a rebellion.

Liberal males may not, in general, go after female liberals but they don’t stick up for them either.  Their silence is deafening.  Nancy Pelosi was one of the strongest Speakers of the House there ever was.  When she brought something to the floor it was because she knew she had enough votes for it to pass.  She knew how to control her party.  She faces ceaseless attacks by conservatives while liberal males sit quietly on the sidelines.  One has to wonder if they want her to go down because at heart they prefer their leader to be a male?  Are they still of the mindset that a strong male is just a good leader but a strong woman is just being a bitch?  I hope not because that’s conservative thinking.

Sure Nancy has made mistakes.  Who hasn’t?  It was dumb to say people would know what was in a legislative package when it passed.  But really, if that’s the worst thing that can be said about her then she’s doing damn good.  Let’s face it, Joe Biden definitely did not treat Anita Hill well yet no one is trying to force him out of the spotlight.  Bernie Sanders has been tagged by the FEC for hundreds of campaign violations.  Where’s the outrage?  And he sure hasn’t been pushed into oblivion.

Hillary Clinton is obviously the most prominent liberal female who has faced ridiculous, sustained abuse for probably longer than any politician in history.  She was so strong that Putin was terrified of her becoming president and did everything he could to take her down.  So what does Joe Biden say, “I never thought she was a great candidate. I thought I was a great candidate.”  With that kind of “support” from male liberals it’s even more amazing how well she did.

The astounding amount of lies Hillary has had to defend herself against is staggering.  Yet few liberal males stick up for her.  Sensationalism drives media coverage and liberals have allowed conservatives to trash our strong females with little to no pushback.  The silence makes people on the left believe there is something there which causes them to start losing faith in those strong women.  This is a mistake we shouldn’t be allowing to happen.

While Joy Ann Reid is not a politician she is still a strong voice on the Left.  I don’t know if she wrote the posts that were on her blog and I don’t really care.  If she did, her beliefs have definitely and demonstrably evolved and I applaud her for that.  We need to stop letting conservatives push us into actions that hurt us.  Conservatives are the ones who demand people be in lockstep with no individuality.  They are the ones who supposedly do not tolerate deviation from the one collective belief, though we have seen that proven as a lie over and over again.  We liberals have always been the party of acceptance.  We accept people for who they are.  We know people make mistakes.  We know people can learn from mistakes.  We know the world is a better place when people are treated equally and with respect.

It’s time we got back to that core belief, acceptance, and start sticking up for our people not only when they are different from the “norm” but also when they make a mistake.  We all need to stop letting conservatives turn us against ourselves.  We are not proving anything to them when we unnecessarily take down one of our own.  It doesn’t make the right think better of us.  Conservatives rejoice when they cause the defeat of a strong liberal especially if that liberal is a female.

Women have had enough and are speaking out.  Look at the numbers in the Women’s March.  But it shouldn’t be predominately women.  Our male liberals need to be there for us the way we are there for them.  Vocal.  Strong.  Having our backs.  Liberal males, do some soul searching.  Examine your true beliefs to see if you’ve been letting a subconscious gender bias affect your actions or lack there of.  Otherwise, conservatives will continue to pick us apart.  We will always be stronger together.

Note:  For expediency I am using Liberal as a generic term to include everyone on the Left.