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Ken Calvert Caught with Prostitute, Arrested

Ken Calvert Arrested
Ken Calvert – Wikipedia

We’re all used to Republicans lacking ethics and using their positions in the government to enrich themselves.  Ken Calvert definitely fits into this category.  Click to read more details on his self-enriching deals which are now under FBI investigation.  But what we are writing about in this post is his family value stance and his arrest.  In 1993 Republican Ken Calvert was caught by police sitting in his car with his pants down and in the company of a woman he did not know, a woman who just happened to be a heroin addict prostitute.  Republicans who claim to care about family values tend to be very forgiving if the person violating those family values is a Republican.  Calvert has continued to be re-elected.

Republican hypocrisy is nothing new.  It’s been going on for a long time.  Republicans claim a certain standard but do nothing to try to meet those standards.  They were never who they claimed to be.  It’s time for the rest of us to open our eyes to that reality.

Ken Calvert is a typical Republican.