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Electoral College – Abolish or Not?

Robert Reich
Inequality Media – How Do We Abolish the Electoral College

As a progressive the first thing you’re probably thinking is, get rid of it, of course.  I agree but if it were that easy we would have done it long ago.  If we keep setting our sights on getting rid of the electoral college we will be disappointed for a long time but more importantly we will have missed a much easier opportunity that accomplishes the same thing and that is right at our fingertips.  Please watch the video by Robert Reich to understand what we need to do.

Look at the uprising that occurred over gun violence.  That kind of turn out is not just about guns, it’s about Americans feeling as if their government is not doing what it should.  That kind of anger and energy is what is need to make the changes Robert Reich suggests.  The time is now.  We can do it.