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Drain the Swamp – Interpreted

Drain the Swamp - Progressive Uprising
Creature from the Black Lagoon – Universal

Drain the swamp! Everyone has heard the rallying cry of the Trump supporters.  Well, one of the rallying cries.  We all heard about how Hillary Clinton was supposedly in bed with Goldman Sachs.  She’ll give them everything they want!  She’s not for the average person, she only cares about big business!  Drain the swamp!  Then Donald Trump got elected and proceeded to nominate 5 or more Goldman Sachs people as agency heads.  And his supporters practically cheered in the streets saying that trump was draining the swamp.  What the hell!?!

People who report the news were confused.  Everyone on the left was confused.  I’ll stay away from the world at large because they’ve been confused by this whole mess (except for Putin).  If Trump supporters were so upset with Hillary because they felt she would show favoritism to Goldman Sachs, how can they be happy about Trump nominating so many Goldman Sachs people when the reality is, once they are out of office, they will probably go back to that firm?  That gives them major incentive to work on the behalf of Goldman Sachs.  What was happening?

Here’s where everyone got it wrong.  Drain the swamp didn’t mean get rid of the people who were working on behalf of big business for their own financial gain and leaving the average American to carry whatever burden they placed on them.  Drain the swamp, for the Trump voter,  meant get rid of the people who don’t think the same way they do.  For the Trump voter who hates Muslims, drain the swamp means getting rid of anyone who supports freedom of religion.  To the Trump voter who hates minorities, drain the swamp means getting rid of anyone who supports equal rights.  To the Trump voter who hates the left, drain the swamp means getting rid of anyone who believes everyone should have the right to vote.

That they used Goldman Sachs against Hillary was just a smoke screen.  It gave them something more acceptable to say rather than openly railing that she doesn’t accept that Anglo people are superior, that Christians are superior, that heterosexual people are superior or whatever their specific need for superiority happens to be.  They don’t care that Trump’s appointees ARE the swamp.  All they care about is their bigotry and hatred being supported.

If you want to understand Trump’s followers you need to remember they have a desperate need to feel superior.  I’m not going into the psychological reasons behind that but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure them out.  If you want to understand what a Trump person is really saying, listen to what they want done or who they want in a position and then figure out who will be hurt if that happens.  I’m not talking about the reality of the situation because Trump voters quite often get hurt (they don’t care as long as it hurts the people they hate).  I’m talking about the perceived victims.  There is your answer to understanding the Trump voter.

Let me finish off with one last area of understanding.  So many people wonder why Anglo women voted for Trump.  Trump followers believe in a patriarchal society.  Why would those women be supportive of a movement that wants women to be second class citizens?  To begin with, women are already treated as second class citizens.  They’re used to it.  But it’s better to be a second class citizen in an accepted society than to be a high level member of an unaccepted society.  Don’t think minorities are automatically exempt from the need to feel superior.