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S. E. Cupp Throws Twitter Tantrum

S. E. Cupp attacks women
S. E. Cupp photo screen capture by Raw Story

S. E. Cupp felt the need to comment on Twitter about International Women’s Day.  You’re probably saying who the heck is S. E. Cupp?  I can’t say I blame you.  She’s a conservative political commentator.  As much as conservatives like to hype the very few women they allow into their elite, representative group to pretend that they have strong female support, she’s still just a blip on the screen.  Cupp had the following to say:

So, I’ve decided is meaningless. Men, just be kind and respectful. But more importantly, women: respect ALL women. Stop judging mothers. Stop photoshopping. Stop dividing us between left and right. Start caring about the world’s child refugees. Start there.

So for International Women’s Day Cupp felt it was appropriate to chide women.  To slap them down for all their faults.  Putting women in their place was the more important thing than acknowledging and honoring the contributions women have made throughout history.  She did give a light toss to males to be kind and respectful but you, you women.  You are the problem.  You need to respect ALL women.  You need to stop judging.  She had to throw in a comment about photoshopping because someone photoshopped a picture of her.  I haven’t seen it.  Again, she’s pretty much a nobody so why would I look?

She talks about dividing women between right and left.  Her whole job is taking jabs at people on the left, yes that includes women.  AGAIN, SHE MAKES HER LIVING CRITICIZING WOMEN ON THE LEFT.  And who is one of her biggest targets?  Hillary Clinton of course.  Hmm, a woman on the left being attacked by a woman on the right.  But hey, it’s you women out there who are the problem, not her.  You are dividing women between left and right, not her.  It’s you women who have the gall to believe you deserve a day that honors women when you are so obviously not perfect.  In fact, you need to just get over yourself and remember your place in life.  Go take care of your children.  What?  You already do that?  Well, go take care of the world’s children then.

S. E. Cupp tries to sell herself as main stream but she is nothing more than your typical conservative propagandist who has to twist reality into knots to try to make a point.

S. E. Cupp sucks.  Don’t waste your time watching her.

In case my comment about her sucking offended you I was throwing her comment back at her just using her name instead of Hillary’s which is what she used.  You know, the person who chided us about dividing women between left and right.