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Broward GOP Secretary Beat Woman with Claw Hammer

Republican Charged with Attempted Murder
Rupert Tarsey a.k.a. Rupert Ditsworth photo by Jose Lambiet

Okay, this one made me sick.  A 6′ 2″ man beats a woman on the head 40 times, with a claw hammer and claims self-defense.  The Broward County Republicans found out in September of 2017 that Rupert Tarsey, that the man they elected to be their party secretary, is actually Rupert Ditsworth.  In 2007 Ditsworth invited a female classmate to go to a Jamba Juice.  The stunningly violent assault occurred on the way.  Ditsworth, who is the son of multi-millionaires, got off by pleading no contest to a misdemeanor.

HE GOT OFF WITH A MISDEMEANOR!!!  The things money can do for you.  I read his comments and don’t see a touch of remorse.  Is anyone surprised that this man is a Trump supporter?  Click here for the full story from the Miami Herald.

Typical Republican