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Republican Commissioner Kevin Wolff Arrested for DWI

Commissioner Kevin Wolff
Kevin Wolff – photo from KSAT News

Bexar County Commissioner Kevin Wolff was arrested on July 31st of 2016 for DWI.  Mr. Wolff was in the drive-through lane of a hamburger fast food restaurant when he rear-ended the vehicle in front of him, twice.  When police pulled Wolff over he was in boxer underwear and was barefooted.  Police attempted to perform a field sobriety test on him but had to stop the test to avoid Mr. Wolff getting hurt.  You can see the video below or read an article on it here.  Commissioner Wolff was placed on probation.  During that time he failed a urinalysis test and his probation was extended (article).  But not to worry everyone.  The good republicans of his San Antonio, Texas district re-elected him to office.

Typical Republicans.