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County Republican Chairman Arrested for Incest

Republican Arrested for Felonious Incest
Photo – Warren County Sheriff’s Office

Iowa Republican Rick Halvorsen, the former Warren County Republican Chairman, was arrested for incest on May 11, 2017.  He was arrested again on September 24.  Halvorsen appears to have been stalking his daughter, following her while she was at work, driving by and making eye contact.  His daughter and a witness tried leaving in a different vehicle to get away from him.  He continued to follow them.  They took a picture of him then went to the police station to show them the picture.  Halvorsen has a no contact order against him.

While his daughter was at the police station Halvorsen drove by, very slowly, twice.  Police pulled Halvorsen.  Initially he refused to get out of the vehicle.  Once officers removed him from the vehicle he became verbally abusive to the officers.

Halvorsen has since pled guilty to incest.  For more information go to the Des Moines Register.

Typical Republican.