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Representative Young on Police Brutality Protests

Protesting Police-Brutality
Representative Coleman Young

This is one of the best speeches I’ve heard in a long time.  Most people have not asked the question Young brings up.  When is it acceptable for black people to protest injustices?  All we hear is people criticizing black people when they dare express anything negative.  They’re just whining.  They just want special treatment.  If they weren’t criminals nothing would happen to them.  They bring it on themselves.  The list goes on and on.

When other people protest they are exercising their first amendment rights.  When black people and other minorities protest they are trouble makers who hate America.  Minorities are disproportionally subjected to excessive force.  They are arrested for infractions that Anglos are just given a warning on.  They even receive harsher sentences in court.  Yet they’re never supposed to say anything negative?  What are they supposed to do, say the “massah is good and great” and keep on smiling while they are abused and killed?

Those days are over but the dregs of society don’t want to let them go.  They can’t stand to give up their white superiority beliefs.  They spent decades convincing themselves that no matter how low a human being they were they were, no matter how poor or uneducated, they were still superior to minorities, especially blacks.  If they accept minorities as equal they have nothing.  They have to admit they are just as likely to occupy the lowest step of the ladder.  Not something they want to believe.  Watch the video then please pass it on.