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Death Panels are a Reality in Graham-Cassidy

Progressive Uprising Healthcare
Picture by The Hill

When President Obama was trying to get healthcare for us it was discovered that there was a provision in the proposal that allowed for coverage for end of life planning.  What this did was allow a person to speak to his doctor about what to expect and what his options would be if he had an incurable disease or through the natural aging process.  It allowed a doctor to explain about the choices that could be premade so his family would not have to go through the trauma of making those final decisions.

Republicans went crazy.  As usual, they chose to misunderstand and misrepresent what the legislation was really about.   They intentionally pretended it meant that doctors and insurance companies would decide who would live and who would die.  Sarah Palin ranted about death panels every chance she got.  Conservatives turned it into such a circus that the provision was dropped, depriving individuals of getting that very valuable service.

Republicans have already tried once to repeal Obamacare and failed.  They are trying again with an even worse option than what they had before, the Graham-Cassidy bill.  This legislation is truly a death panel ladened piece of legislation.  Tremendous cuts will be made to the amount of money that will be allotted for medical coverage.  That means that people won’t get the help they need to pay for insurance.  The mandates that require people to have medical insurance will be eliminated.  No help to pay but no requirement to have insurance will mean people will go back to doing without.  When it’s a choice of paying for food and rent rather than medical insurance, people will choose food and rent.  People will die from illnesses that would have been completely preventable if they had been able to get proper care.

You are going to be screwed even if you can afford health insurance.  Because Republicans value businesses over people, there are all kinds of benefits for the insurance companies.  They make out like bandits.  They can raise your rates at ANY time.  They quote a rate.  You are willing to pay for it and sign up for your insurance.  That rate is not locked in for the year.  They can change it at will.

Then there’s the issue of pre-existing conditions.  Insurance companies will not have to cover pre-existing conditions.  That’s bad enough in and of itself.  People will die.  But the insurance companies have made it a standard operating practice to determine for themselves what a pre-existing condition is.  It has gotten so out of hand that just being a woman is considered a pre-existing condition.

Then there are the older people.  Insurance companies will be able to charge them up to 5 times as much as younger people.  At a time in your life when you should be able to kick back and just enjoy life you will have to be worrying about your healthcare premiums eating up your retirement checks.  Again, people will have to make choices about what is more important causing many of them to have to give up medical coverage.  People will die.

Republicans have given insurance companies free rein to decide who lives and who dies.  There are your death panels.  The willingness to accept death panels has been on the Republican side all along.  It has always been the Republicans who cared about businesses over people.  They have always been the ones that say they care but in reality felt that if people can’t afford healthcare coverage they shouldn’t have it.

When people die because they don’t have healthcare coverage Republicans will blame the person.  They will say how terrible it is while thinking the person should have done better for themselves.  They will never acknowledge that the system is rigged against the average worker because the rigging is being done by Republicans.  The Republican party is the party of death panels and the truth is, they’re proud of their stance and feel no concern whatsoever for the people who will lose their lives.