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Sgt. Troy Baker, We Expect Better from Our Police

Bigotry, Racism, Sgt. Troy Baker
Sgt. Troy Baker – Clyde Mueller/New Mexican file photo

Sgt. Troy Baker of the Santa Fe Police Department was investigated by his department’s Internal Affairs division in regards to Facebook posts by him that disparaged Muslims, transgender individuals and African Americans.  Sgt. Baker seems to have the belief that he can wallow in hate during his off hours but can switch off his biases when on duty.  He doesn’t believe he acts on any of his bigoted beliefs and that he always behaves in a professional manner.

Police officers make decisions that affect people’s lives on a daily basis.  All kinds of decisions.  Even down to as simple as who to pull over for a traffic stop.  Sgt. Baker may truly believe that he is being absolutely fair, though I doubt it, but he is judging things from a warped perspective.  The truth he thinks he knows  is the same kind of truth you see in the mirrors in a carnival funhouse.  How can he expect us to believe that when he is at home on his free time, he sees certain groups of people as people who should be despised but when he puts on his uniform all of a sudden he has nothing but respect for those same people?  How can he expect us to believe that he is absolutely fair when dealing with those people?  How can he expect us to believe that he will give a fair hearing to a person from one of his despised groups when that person accuses a white person of committing a crime against them?

Sgt. Baker - bigot, racist
Sgt. Troy Baker’s Facebook page

His hate and intolerance adds to the weight of all the other hate and intolerance that white supremacists are spewing out.  When disaffected males look for someone to validate them they come across the hate and bigotry of people like Sgt. Baker.  But Sgt. Baker’s posts have more weight than the average Facebook poster.  He’s an officer of the law.  He sees the best and worst of society so if he says that’s how things are then it must be true, right?  He must know what he’s talking about, right?  He is a symbol of law and order, a protector of the citizens of his community.  Of course he would know the truth, right?

With that kind of validation is it surprising that posts like the one found on Sgt. Baker’s Facebook page, a post depicting a car running over protesters, came to fruition?  Does Sgt. Baker really believe that he can put a symbol on his Facebook page that says PREPARE to TAKE AMERICA BACK and that we won’t think of him as bigoted?

Can you imagine Sgt. Baker’s anger if he had come across a similar picture but with the title saying, BLUE LIVES SPLATTER?  A picture showing officers being run over.  A comment underneath that saying NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR UNIFORM.  A final comment saying Moral of the Story…Bigots Won’t be Tolerated.  I highly suspect he would be furious and rightly so.  A picture like that would be unacceptable.  Just as unacceptable as what he did.  No, Sgt. Baker, it was not harmless messing around.  It is a big deal.  You sir, are a disgrace to the uniform you wear and a liability to the city you are supposed to serve.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them.