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Laura Ingraham says She’s Worried about History

Laura Ingraham White Supremacist
Laura Ingraham – NY Daily News

Laura Ingraham went on Fox and Friends to speak about the destruction of a confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina.  Laura said, “When you see bands of criminals, which is what they were yesterday, ripping down public property and being celebrated in the American media for doing so, we have a real problem on our hands.”  She also said, “This is not about racial healing or racial unity when you see property being destroyed.  That’s not what it’s about, it’s about the eradication of history and acknowledgement that we had really difficult, horrible moments in our country’s history that we were able to overcome.”

Ingraham seems to have a lot harder time dealing with a statue being torn down than a woman being run over by a white supremacist.  Where’s the outrage over what happened to Heather Heyer?  She’s also concerned about “bands of criminals”.  Okay.  Everyone should be concerned about bands of criminals.  Where are her comments on the bands of criminals who attacked Deandre Harris?  The ones who beat him with metal poles and with the shields they carried?

Okay, it’s obvious she’s not concerned about people.  Maybe she has an unnatural fondness for statues.  They are works of art.  I actually struggled a bit with this myself.  I didn’t believe they should be out in public but maybe in a museum?  But then I thought about the purpose of a statue.  It may be art but it’s created to venerate something or someone.  That settled it for me.  We should not be venerating people who fought to keep slaves.  It goes against everything we are as Americans.  It may be our history that we allowed slavery but it’s a history we fought to change.  If she was really concerned about the difficult, horrible moments in our history that we overcame shouldn’t she be saying those statues should be of black people breaking the chains that held them?  Shouldn’t she be demanding that they be of black children holding hands with white children?  Those would be statues that venerate what we have overcome.

Our biggest mistake was allowing those statues to be put up.  We thought we were allowing Americans to be honored even though they were on the losing side but what we were really doing was NOT allowing a certain type of mentality to die.  We were displaying a political correctness in being gracious to the losers.  Ironic that these groups whine about political correctness while they were benefiting from it.  But what we did allowed that political correctness to occur to the detriment of minorities.  Getting rid of those statues is absolutely about racial healing.  Now Laura is probably right that it’s not about racial unity but that’s because the people she represents don’t want unity with minorities, something she is fully aware of.

And destroying confederate statues is absolutely not about the eradication of history.  History is history.  It’s not going away because we took down statues.  We have history books.  We have the History channel.  We have videos on history.  The Nazis and other white supremacists don’t like those because they don’t venerate their cause.  Rather, they show the evil that is at their core.  That’s the true history of their cause, evilness; something they are doing everything they can to hide.