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Evangelical Hypocrisy

First Lady porn
Nude First Lady of the United States

You won’t catch me saying this often but the Ted Cruz campaign or whoever put out this picture had it absolutely right.  Remember when the right went crazy over Michelle Obama wearing a sleeveless dress?  Oh, how inappropriate, the horror of it, she doesn’t understand the decorum necessary for the Office of the First Lady.  Where are the outcries now?  Why are Evangelicals so quiet?  You basically have First Lady soft porn here but not a word from conservatives, including or maybe that should be especially, the Evangelicals.

The only ones speaking are the heavy duty Fox watchers who are used to thinking of women as sex objects and nothing more.  They think this picture, along with all her other nude and semi-nude photos are just fine.

It would be one thing if the rightwing people who are so accepting of these photos had that casual an attitude towards every woman but they don’t.  In fact, if you look at the scum white nationalists websites you’ll see a lot of name calling with slut being one of their favorite words.  Funny thing is, all of their pictures of ‘sluts’ are women who have their clothes on.  And as far as the Evangelicals, well, the silence is deafening.