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Protecting America from Republican Corruption

Everyone has seen a lot of negative information on Donald Trump.  The reality is it’s easy to attack him.  He is so completely incompetent that you practically trip over ammunition to use against him.  But the problem for progressives is way bigger than that.  The GOP has been moving so far to the right that they have long since moved into the realm of wanting an authoritarian form of government.  The GOP has become a huge threat to the American way of life and our constitution.

So many people talk about how perfect our constitution is.  It is not.  The people who made it were smart but they had prejudices that they had to deal with, whether their own or of others.  Having an electoral college is one of the things that was put in place to bring in people with prejudices.  It is something that we should have long ago gotten rid of but we never envisioned the spot we would be in today.  That’s on us.  Not envisioning it.  Well know that our eyes are open to that don’t let other things slide.  We very well could lose our form of government.  The Republicans are working desperately hard at achieving just that goal.

All this talk about the constitution is lie.  They don’t want equality, they want power.  They want to rule forever.  They want to profit off of hard working Americans even while those Americans are starving and dying.  They want a White society.  If people of color can no longer be made slaves or treated as peons then they no longer want them here.

I said in a previous post that the president is the enemy and while he is the most visible one we need to direct our efforts at the whole GOP.  The party is the enemy of the United States.  We need to understand that there are an extremely small amount of Republicans whose main difference is in how money is spent.  The vast majority of the party has become radicalized into a White Nationalist mentality.  We are in a civil war and we didn’t even know it.  It’s time to wake up.  It’s time to strategize to decimate the Republican party.  Office by office, position by position, we need to take back control.

I wish I could say we could then be fair again but once in control we will have to pass laws to make sure things like this never happen again.  We need to get rid of the electoral college.  We need to make it a federal crime to infringe on someone’s right to vote.  Currently there is case law regarding the requirements for a presidential candidate and that no more requirements can be added.  We need to find a way around that.  In fact, every politician should have to show their tax return.  We should make it law that certain information is automatically public information and is illegal to withhold such as the visitor’s logs.  We need to find a way to stop what happened with Merrick Garland.  Congress does not have the right to decide which presidents can appoint a justice to the Supreme Court and which presidents can’t.

There is so much more that I could add that we need to stop.  The point is we fell down on the job.  We always thought that if we got a bad president Congress would control him/her.  We never envisioned that the president along with his whole party would be corrupt.  Democrats and liberals need to fight for every single spot they can and once there they need to run roughshod over any opposition to get protections in place that will prevent this from ever happening again.  Until we are better secured against a takeover from within we cannot afford to compromise.  Not one tiny bit.