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Federal Prison for Donald Trump?

Photo from Addicting Info

Donald Trump intentionally attacked the media to give his base raw meat to go after.  He held them in pens like cattle then pointed them out so his followers could turn on them and spew their Trump-induced hate.  But the media doesn’t go away.  They’ve been in this position before.  Politicians have never liked them.  All Trump did was ensure that they would pursue their chosen vocation with zeal and what a treasure trove that zeal has uncovered.

There have been strong indications that Trump has broken the law with many of his business dealings.  There is a strong case for at least an investigation into possible money laundering by the Trump family.  All attempts to find out the truth have been blocked by the Republican controlled congress.  But the latest story by The New Yorker gives strong evidence of business ties to one of the most corrupt foreign governments in the world, Azerbaijan.

The information uncovered by The New Yorker centers on a hotel that Trump was going to build in the city of Baku.  This project was dropped after Trump won the presidency but not before he received millions from it.  The individual Trump was dealing with has strong ties to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard which promotes and supports terrorism world-wide.  And it won’t be just Trump.  Ivanka played a large part in the deal.

Every company doing business overseas knows that the responsibility is on their shoulders to show that the have done due diligence to ensure that the person or company they are doing business with is legitimate.  Trump’s people claimed to have done their due diligence and said they saw no red flags but the did not produce any evidence to support this claim, which is nothing unusual for Trump.  Lawyers were shocked at the claim that there were no red flags due to the widely known connections of the people Trump was dealing with.

So will the Republican congress continue to abandon law, order and patriotism?  Or will they finally grow a spine and do what they should have long since done.  They are going to pay a high price at the next election.  Their best bet is to get rid of Trump as fast as they can, get Pence in the position and try to get as many of their goals met as possible before the American public takes them down, starting in 2018.