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Congratulations Tom Perez, New DNC Chair!

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Tom Perez winning Chairman of the DNC is an excellent outcome for the Democratic party.  It only gets better with Keith Ellison being the Deputy Chair.  There is still a lot of resentment from the Bernie supporters but they seem to want a throw-out-the-baby-with-the-bathwater approach.  Yes, they had a lot of enthusiasm.  Yes, there were a lot of them.  But the attitude of blowing off establishment Democrats is ignorant.  When it comes down to it, they didn’t have enough votes to beat Hillary.  So to act like this is all about them is foolish.  This is about us, all of us.  We can’t win without them but they can’t win without us.

The only thing holding the Republican party together is the brainwashing of their base that they so fully invested in.  That base believes an R, no matter how bad, is still better than a D.  Without that belief the Republican party would have already fallen apart because of their extreme positions.  They have, basically, disenfranchised a large part of their party.  This is a party that will probably crumple under the weight of a Trump presidency.  When you have Trump it’s really hard to keep up the fallacy that any R is better than a D.  When you have Republicans who investigated Benghazi 15 times and still came up with nothing but are doing everything they can to avoid investigating Trump when there is all kinds of evidence, it gets really hard to pretend that the things you did to Hillary are because you care about the country.

The last thing the Democratic party needs to do is follow in Republican footsteps by disregarding a portion, a very large portion, of its members.  Heck, we shouldn’t be disregarding ANY portion of our party.  I consider myself a progressive, however, I am not far left.  It bothered me that Tom Perez was labeled as being part of the Obama side of the party as if that was a bad thing.  I am a proud supporter of President Obama.  I have no doubt he will go down in the history books as one of the greatest presidents ever.  Am I totally happy with everything he did?  No.  But then I never expected to be.  This is not ‘all about me’.  This is about us and as a group we have differing opinions.  I don’t want a party full of a bunch of Susan Sarandon snobs who want to shut up anyone who doesn’t think exactly as they do.

I want a party that listens to everyone.  I was hesitant about Ellison winning because I was concerned that he would not listen to what all the parts of the base want.  I want his ideas and voice to help improve on what is already there.  And I do think people have underestimated Tom Perez.  I don’t believe he is the company man everyone was portraying him to be.  I think he will take the practical parts of his establishment experience but I also think he will be more than happy to step outside of the box.  He’s a fighter.  He will look for ways to win.  He’s not going to box himself in by adhering to what had been the norm.  I like that he’s good friends with Keith Ellison and I think we just got ourselves one hell of a team.

Now it’s up to us to stop acting like spoiled children and pull together.  Stop thinking you have to have everything you want and realize there will have to be compromises.  A huge step Republicans took towards giving us a dysfunctional government was refusing to compromise.  Again I say we can’t act like Republicans.  Even a marriage, which is just between two people, necessitates compromise.  Why in the world would we think when we are in a group of millions that there shouldn’t be any compromises?  The trick is to pick where we can and where we flat out cannot compromise, as a party.

Fight.  Resist.  Persist.