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The Press Is Not The Enemy, The President Is.

Philosophers of Change

Trump, the would be dictator. 

The main thing a would be dictator does once he has achieved power is shut down the free press.  This is just smart strategy for any take over.  The last thing a would be dictator wants is for the truth of what he is doing to get out.  No matter how you look at it, masses of people can overpower a government.  Throughout his campaign Trump continually slammed the press and others (but mainly the press) to give his followers a target.  Something they could point at and say, there, that’s it, that’s the cause of all our problems.

This allows those followers to not take responsibility for their own lives and decisions, all the while they are criticizing others for supposedly not taking responsibility for their lives and decisions.  But that’s to keep his base occupied.  The press was his real target.  Trump knows that all his dirty little secrets like what’s in his tax returns and what is in the edited tapes from the Apprentice, just to name a few of the minor ones, could come flooding out.  Trump understands ratings.  He is a showman.  I’ll give him that much.  He knows his audience can turn on him in a heartbeat.  He also knows that he is incompetent as a president.  That deep-seated knowledge leaves him feeling massively insecure.

Trump has a deep need to be thought of as smart.  Yet even the way he speaks gives away his ignorance.  With that in mind he does his best to only do interviews with people who are sympathetic to his points of view, who will only do or say things to make him look good.  Trump has included several nobodies into the press conferences whose only credentials are that they are either conspiracy theorists or white nationalists.  Conservative sites are the only people he asks questions from.  When he did give a press conference where he decided to speak more he used the podium to chastise the press.

Everyone sees his lies, his confusion, his lack of knowledge, his lack of desire to correct his lack of knowledge.  We all see how vain he is, how thin-skinned and how truly stupid he is.  People manipulate him with ease solely by playing to his ego.  Trump reminds me of Kim Jong Un when he preened over being named as 2012’s Most Sexy Man Alive by the Onion.  They are both pathetic men who will believe anything positive said about them no matter how false it is.  Like Kim Jong Un, Trump wants the press to paint this wonderful picture of him as a type of man he has never been in his life.

And for those that refuse to be his puppets he attacks them, has long since turned his base against them, and is now trying to turn all Americans against them.  It won’t work.  We need the free press to stay free.  It is the only way to protect our great nation.  Democrats are not in power.  We can’t stop anything.  A tiny handful of Republicans are gently pushing back against Trump but they don’t want to be targeted by Trump or labeled as traitors to their party.  Loyalty to their nation doesn’t seem to rank very high with them.  We need the press.  We need them to keep reporting all the things that are happening.  This is the least transparent administration in decades.  We need all those good investigative journalists digging up every piece of dirt they can find and letting us know what is happening.  We would be stupid to sit back and just believe everything Trump says.  We need to seek knowledge then act on that knowledge.  We need to fight, to resist.

As the late, great Edward R. Murrow said, “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”  Trump has brought in the wolves.  We need to stay informed so we don’t become complacent sheep.