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Most Corrupt WH and Republican Congress Ever


Needless to say, I have a low opinion of Republicans but the current Republicans in congress have shown me that I actually did credit them with some virtues.  I felt they cared about and believed in America even though I don’t believe they feel that way about the constitution.  The current Republicans in congress have proven me wrong.  They don’t care about America.  They are nothing but frauds.

Had they really cared they would be willing to investigate the Russian ties with the Trump campaign.  The casual attitude they have portrayed along with their steady resistance to any kind of investigation proves that nothing they’ve ever said was true.  They never cared about national security.  If they did they would be having hysterics over Trump’s advisors, his open air conversations about matters of national security, his bringing in family members to briefings, his bringing in of Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort, just to name a few.

If they really cared about Hillary’s emails they would be having a fit over Trump refusing to stop using his personal, unsecured, cell phone.  If they cared that Hillary deleted emails they should be losing their minds over the Trump staffers using a chat app that automatically deletes their text messages, which, by the way, is illegal since those are government owned messages.

There is no hiding what they are now.  Nothing but power hungry frauds who have lied to their base pretty much the same way Trump is trying to lie to the nation.  Paul Ryan, Jason Chaffetz, Mitch McConnell, even Rand Paul have no interest in pursuing any investigative action against anyone.  Had it been Hillary they would already be setting up impeachment hearings.

But as so often happens, things didn’t work out quite like they anticipated.  More leaks.  More information about contacts between Russians and Trump aides.  More news out in the public that puts them under a spotlight.  They’ll do something, a bit of a song and dance to pretend they are acting but don’t be fooled.  They will do their best to keep anything that could hurt their power structure from ever seeing the light of day.

The Left has to fight and I mean fight hard.  There will be no real justice until the Left has power and can keep Republicans in check.  Republicans will never take down another Republican unless they have absolutely no choice.  They will allow that Republican to lie, cheat, steal, and even turn our democracy into a dictatorship as long as they can keep power.  The mask is off.  You know who they are now.  RESIST!!!