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Republicans, Come Join Us in the Real World

There was an article in the Washington Post by Chris Cillizza about the speech Marco Rubio gave on the senate floor.  I can’t say I agree with Cillizza’s take on the speech, he called it a plea for civility.  If it was, it was very much wrapped in partisan speech.  Republicans have been teaching their base to hate for a long time now.  If Marco Rubio was so concerned about the behavior of congress and the unwillingness to work together, he could have done something about it long ago, beginning with his own party.  He only seemed to find his voice when it could be used against Elizabeth Warren, definitely someone who could be a threat to Rubio’s dreams of being the president at some time in the future.  What a coincidence.

But Rubio did say, “I don’t know of a civilization in the history of the world that’s been able to solve its problems when half the people in a country absolutely hate the other half of the people in that country.”  That is true.  He completely ignores the fact that the Republican party has encouraged it’s base to believe that Democrats want hand outs, are lazy, want to take Republicans’ money, their guns, their religion and just about anything else they can possibly think of to incite fear in their base so that base will be motivated to vote.  People are easy to manipulate when they fear.

So for all the Republicans who are having a hard time telling what is true because you’re party has been lying to you for so long let me say the following:  The left is not trying to take your guns away.  We believe in common sense gun control.  Do you REALLY think you are the only ones buying guns?  Get real.  The left are not a bunch of lazy people who want hand-outs.  97 of the 100 poorest counties in the nation are in red states.  In general red states tend to be net takers, blue states tend to be net givers.  That’s just reality.  There are more minorities on welfare than Anglo people.  That’s another falsehood.  The percentage of minorities on welfare is higher than the percentage of Anglo people on welfare but Anglo people are still the majority so even though they have a smaller percentage they are a much bigger pie.  By shear numbers there are more Anglo people on welfare than minorities.

But none of that really matters.  It doesn’t make either side better or worse.  Those misconceptions have been fed to you to make you afraid so you will vote Republican.  And it has worked extraordinarily well.  I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, any Republican is better than a Democrat.  That is a huge mistake.  If all you’re voting for is a title then you are not weeding out the problem people.  Rubio said people in the senate are there because they’re smart.  No they’re not.  At least not all of them.  Some are there because their base has been programmed to only vote for an R.  That doesn’t make them smart, it just shows how good they are at manipulation.

For one last little bit of information, there was no massacre at Bowling Green and Frederick Douglass is dead.  He died in 1895.