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Resistance Begins with being Informed

NYC Revolution Club

For Twitter users:  Below is a list of Twitter users who can keep you very informed on current events.  It also includes individuals with excellent reputations and a deep love for America and everything she stands for.

@splcenter – The Southern Poverty Law Center
@altUSEPA – altEPA – the account created once the Trump administration started shutting down the accounts of government agencies
@BadHombreNPS – The alt account for the Badlands National Park created to circumvent the Trump administration
@NotAltWorld – Run by a resistance team
@AltForestServ – Run by a resistance team for the U.S. Forest Service
@ActualEPAFacts – Run by the resistance
@ACLU – American Civil Liberty
@slpng_giants – Fights racist websites
@repjohnlewis – Representative John Lewis
@SenWarren – Senator Elizabeth warren
@NancyPelosi – Representative Nancy Pelosi
@TheDemocrats – The Democrats
@PaulKrugman – Nobel laureate
@MalcolmNance – Malcolm Nance, U.S. Intelligence +35 yrs
@th3j35t3r – Jester, Cyber Minuteman (hacker)
@MMFlint – Michael Moore
@billmaher – Bill Maher
@Montel_Williams – Montel Williams
@BillNye – Bill Nye
@MaddowBlog – The Rachel Maddow blog
@TheLastWord – Lawrence O’Donnell
@JoyAnnReid – Joy Reid
@joanwalsh – Joan Walsh
@DavidCornDC – David Corn
@KeithOlbermann – Keith Olbermann
@ColMorrisDavis – Former Guantanamo Chief Prosecutor & retired USAF Colonel
@ezlusztig – Elliott Lusztig, American citizen & patriot
@NickHanauer – Entrepreneur
@mcuban – Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks
@CatchaRUSSpy – Naveed Jamal, former double agent for the United States
@theintercept – The Intercept, adversarial journalism

This is a good beginning to keep the information flowing.