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Jason Chaffetz Takes Heat from His Constituents

AP Photo/Cliff Owen

Representative Jason Chaffetz who spent the majority of his time as a representative unsuccessfully trying to find anything he could to charge Hillary Clinton with, faced an angry town hall of his constituents.  Angry calls of “do your job” in reference to his lack of action against anything Donald Trump has done erupted as the crowd showed little patience for his duplicity.  The complete an utter hypocrisy with how Chaffetz went after Clinton and is now turning a blind eye to Trump had his constituents furious and they made sure he knew it particularly when he said he would not go on a “fishing trip” to find anything against Trump.

Chaffetz never had a problem going on fishing trips against Hillary Clinton even after repeatedly coming up empty-handed.  He would have been ecstatic if Clinton had done even a miniscule fraction of what Trump and family have done.  Chaffetz would have gone after her on every single thing.  There would have been so many investigative committees called that they wouldn’t have had enough people to staff them.  He would have been hauling her family in front of congress over and over for questioning.  He has made what he is willing to do, if you’re a Clinton, abundantly clear.  Maybe even if you’re a woman since the only very minor thing he did against the Trump administration was against Kellyanne Conway.

Republican representatives have gotten so used to feeding bullshit to their base and having that base just happily gobble it up that they can’t conceive of that base actually waking up and turning on them.  Chaffetz kept throwing out stupid statements such as, he was sure that Trump was the best choice for president by far, which elicited loud boos.  Or is he that out of touch with his constituents that he really doesn’t get how angry they are which is why he said they would be happy to know he had submitted a bill to eliminate the Education Department?  The crowd erupted in more loud boos.  Chaffetz tried to placate them by saying, I want to get rid of Devos too!  (Is this starting to be a pattern?  It seems the only ones he wants to get rid of are women?)

How insulting to act as if getting rid of the Education Department was what his constituents wanted when they were so against Betsy DeVos.  The protests, calls, emails, everything, were to stop DeVos because they didn’t want her to destroy public education.  Not because they wanted Chaffetz to do it instead.  Eliminating the Education Department is part of the Republican grand scheme to give everything to big business.  And big business is what is pushing Republican representatives to do just that.  They are salivating at the ability to milk the American public for every last penny they can and Republicans in congress are salivating at the money that big business will be pouring into their accounts to ensure that those big businesses get what they want.

This is about Chaffetz.  It’s about what he wants.  It has absolutely nothing to do with what his constituents want or what is best for them.  He is not representing them.  He’s treating them like they are still in that Republican daze believing that every word out of a Republican’s mouth is automatically true and has no hidden agenda.  He’s making a huge mistake.  And if he thinks his minor slap at Conway shows he has backbone he’s highly mistaken.  Tonight should have showed him but just like he chose to misunderstand why they were against DeVos he’s going to choose to believe that his constituents are too stupid to understand things but will be happy with what he does once it’s done.