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Watch Out, Republicans Know They’re In Trouble


Even though Republicans in congress are cheering in public they are stressing behind closed doors.  They are pretending that they really believe all the rallies and protests are paid protesters and that there’s really nothing to worry about but they know that’s not true.  This is when they will be at their most dangerous, just like any cornered animal.

They are desperately worried about the 2018 elections.  The American public is turning against them.  People that were ignorant enough to vote for Jill Stein won’t be doing that again.  Those Independents who thought Trump was just putting on an act and would start acting seriously once he won, know better now.

Everyone sees how mercenary the Trump family is.  They see what liars they are and how low-class the whole family is.  Even Trump supporters see it though they pretend it’s not true.  It has become painfully obvious that Trump is in no way competent to be president of the United States and never was.  But Republicans just got the kind of power they’ve been dreaming about for decades and are going to do anything they can to hang onto it.

Expect a huge attack on people’s ability to vote.  Expect a lot of people having their voting right taken away from them due to spurious claims.  Expect those people to have to go through lengthy processes to try to get back their right to vote.  Processes that will be long enough to cause the voter to miss the election.  Expect protesting to becoming felony offenses and expect more people to get arrested.  Remember, a lot of states restrict people with felony arrests from voting.  Some states even restrict people with misdemeanor arrests from voting.  Now, not only will a criminal history stop a huge portion of the minority population from voting, minorities get arrested more often than white people for the same offense, but it will start inhibiting the right to vote of people who are actively opposing this illegitimate administration.

Then there will be the changes in voting times and days.  The restrictions on early voting.  Voting districts will be drawn to include huge amounts of minorities with very few voting places as opposed to white districts that have a lot lower population with a larger number of polling places.  And now that Jeff Sessions has been confirmed as the Attorney General there will be no help there for people’s right to vote.  He has long since wanted to restrict minorities’ right to vote.  Now he has his chance.  This was no accident.  This is exactly what he was picked for.  Not necessarily by Trump, he’s rather stupid.  More than likely by Bannon.  But who picked him doesn’t matter.  What matters is the desperate fight we are going to be in for.  Don’t let the large numbers at the protests make you over confident.  This is a fight we can’t afford to lose.