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Republicans Vote for Money, Ignore the American Public

The Republicans in the Senate refused to stand up for the American people.  They turned their back on their constituents to assure that the money coming from the DeVos family into their campaigns would continue to flow.  It became obvious fairly quickly who would be voting no.  The only Republicans who were strong enough to stand against the influence of money were Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins.

Opponents of the Betsy DeVos nomination fought hard to get their representatives to vote against her but soon discovered that every Republican that was voting yes had received campaign contributions from the extremely wealthy DeVos family.  Republicans were standing firm behind her.  That she sounded like a moron during her hearing didn’t matter.  That she had absolutely no experience whatsoever didn’t matter.  That their constituents vehemently did not want her didn’t matter.  There was no way Republicans were going to do anything that might limit the flow of dollars into their campaign or maybe even fund someone else to run against them.

It’s not as if we didn’t already know but the Betsy DeVos confirmation proved to Americans that Republicans will do anything for money without a care in the world of how it will affect everyday Americans.

The Trump administration has selected the most unqualified cabinet one could ever imagine.  The only criteria for being selected is being obscenely rich.   That these people had personal agendas that did not include what was best for America was not even as much as an afterthought.  Trump has desperately wanted to be one of the elites.  Throughout his life he has wanted it and yet no matter how much money he made (and lost) he was never accepted.  Having conned his way into the presidency he now hopes to become one of the elites by placing them in positions no sane person would.  He’s hoping they will finally accept him.

The sad reality is he will never be accepted by them.  They will always look down on him as the sleazy used car salesman he is at heart.