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Black Voices Continue to be Unacceptable, Mitch McConnell Shuts Down Words of Coretta Scott King

In an astounding display of white superiority Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stopped Elizabeth Warren from reading the letter written by Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King, during the debate of the Jeff Sessions nomination.

McConnell would not allow the eloquent words of a black woman against Senator Jeff Session to be heard by all.  He would not allow the senator’s character to be impugned, by a retelling of that senator’s own actions, in the senate chamber.  The only reason I can see for his actions is that, due to voting trends, McConnell has decided that Republicans will never get black votes and therefore he does not need to show any respect to black icons who fought for voting rights and the right to be recognized as human beings equal to white people.

He does not expect to receive any negative repercussions from the huge insult he just dealt the black community.  This may be due to Trump’s penchant for white supremacists.  What McConnell did today no doubt had them jumping up and cheering.  These Nazi groups had to have been ecstatic while they high-fived each other.  Mitch McConnell jumped head first into the cesspool of Trump’s racist supporters and expects to be buoyed by their support.  What Mitch McConnell did today showed the true nature of Republicans.  It showed that all the words of praise coming out of their mouths on Martin Luther King day are nothing but hype.  They’re said out of political correctness and in the hopes that some naïve person will actually believe they give a damn about Martin Luther King or what he fought and died for.  They’re said so that the Republican base can say see, we’re not prejudiced.

And to ensure no further comments of a similar nature were brought to the floor, Elizabeth Warren was censored and is no longer allowed to speak on anything regarding Jeff Sessions.  Shut the blacks up.  Shut the women up.  Only allow white males to be in charge or dumb white females who can be told what to do by the white males in charge.  This is where we are.  The rebirth of the white, patriarchal government of the slavery era.

There needs to be a massive uprising of American citizens willing to take back our government.  Run for office.  Get out the vote.  Talk to people to get them to see what is happening and to fight it.  Resist.  We will not go silently into the night.