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Bannon, The Biggest Threat To Our Way Of Life

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Illegitimate President Trump has picked some real losers for his cabinet positions but the worst of the lot is Steven Bannon.  Bannon has made no secret of his desire to destroy America’s system of government.  His views come from a book that he has become obsessed with; The Fourth Turning: What Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny.  This book talks about cycles of chaos that lead to changes in government.  For an excellent article on this see the write up in the Business Insider.

Bannon feels the financial crisis of 2008 was the beginning of a cycle and that now we need to go through the chaos.  He is actively encouraging D.T. to make decision that adversely affect our peace and security.  Bannon wants war.  He wants internal fighting.  He wants chaos.  And out of all that he wants a new world order to arise.  That’s right.  World order.  He’s not looking just to destroy America.  He wants to destroy all nations that strive to be democracies.

Out of the ashes of the chaos he is looking for he wants to build an authoritarian state.  One that will allow for the destruction of minorities.  People, religions, it doesn’t matter.  There will only be room in his world for Christian Anglos.  All others will be of such low value that slavery and killing at will, will probably be the next step that follows.  We’ve seen it before.  This is the world that Bannon and his Nazi followers envision.  This is why they are ecstatic to have him in such a close advisory position to Trump.  This is why there has been a sudden massive increase in White Nationalist groups.  They feel their goal is about to happen.  They have gone from despair at having a Black president to being on the cusp of realizing their most cherished dreams.

The Republican party has done absolutely nothing to try to rein in the massive abuses of our government process being perpetrated by this administration.  They’ve done nothing to stop people without the proper security clearances being in intelligence briefings.  They’ve gone out of their way to avoid and hamper the normal vetting process of cabinet members.  They have done everything possible to circumvent our democracy.

The Republican congress is fully complicit in the selling out of America.  Whatever happens from here on out is as much their fault as it is the current administration.  We are not fighting just against Trump.  We are fighting against every single Republican in congress.  We are fighting against Russia’s manipulation of our social media.  We are fighting against the White Nationalists false information campaigns.  And we are fighting with everything we have to keep our nation a democracy.  Don’t give up the fight.