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Conservatives Are Such Cowards

It’s amazing to me to listen to so many conservatives speak as if they are so tough yet they’re afraid of damn near everything.  Jews are taking all their money through the banking system.  Mexicans are taking all the jobs.  Blacks are also taking their money through the taxes conservatives pay.  Asians are taking away their children’s places in colleges.  Muslims are taking away their feelings of safety.

Then there’s government.  Government is taking away their guns.  It’s taking away their freedom to be assholes, uh sorry, it’s taking away their ability to abuse minorities.  Government is taking away their ability to repress others.  Government is taking away their state rights.  Government is taking away their ability to keep women in their place.  Government is taking away their right to say Merry Christmas.  Don’t bring the people from Guantanamo over here, waaa.  They’re bad people, we’re so afraid, waa, waa.  Leave them over there with the Cubans.  What the heck is that about?  Are we weaker then Cubans?  Don’t they believe in Americans?  Don’t they think we can defend ourselves?   Are the Cubans braver than we are?

And then there are liberals.  Liberals are taking away, well, according to conservatives liberals are taking everything under the sun away from them so I guess there is no sense in going into detail.  We’ve all heard it before.  What must it be like to be so terrified of every shadow?  I understand that the Republican party in conjunction with Fox, has worked hard to make this group so afraid.  The benefits are obvious to everyone except this group that lives in fear.  People who are in such a state of terror can’t make rational decisions.  That fear has let the Republican party manipulate their base to the point of getting them to vote against their own self-interest as long as the vote hurts those they fear.  They can’t see beyond that, targeting those they fear.

Regardless of their massive persecution complex they still continue to think they’re tough.  I carry a gun.  Don’t tread on me.  But don’t let that gay person near me, I might catch gayness!  I have to wonder if they’ll ever wake up.  If they’ll ever see what fools they are.  Or will that reality, like so many others, be too much for them to bear.